Economic forecasting

The IEC team includes experts in the fields of macroeconomics, regional economics and mathematical modelling in economics.

IEC works out its own socio-economic development forecasts at various levels: country and regional. These are worked out for short, medium and long-term periods.

In addition to socio-economic indicator forecasting, IEC fulfils the following tasks:

  • forecasting target indicators for strategic documents, government programmes and national projects;
  • assessment of the required financial resources for achieving strategic goals;
  • budget figure forecasting;
  • staffing needs and labour balance sheet forecasting;
  • macroeconomic risk assessment, etc.
Research is conducted in collaboration with leading expert and scientific organizations in the country and abroad.

Forecasts of key socio-economic indicators are used to assess the socio-economic effects of investment and infrastructure projects, as well as in development of strategic planning documents.