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Evaluation of the socio-economic effects of the implementation of infrastructure projects

Justifying implementation of an infrastructure project requires a thorough assessment of its cumulative impact on human society. It is also called 'wider economic effects'.

IEC is a developer of a number of original methodological approaches to assessing the socio-economic effects of implementing investment and infrastructure projects. IEC cooperates with various leading scientific and expert organizations in Russia and abroad to maintain our developments at the global level.

As part of the feasibility study of various projects, the IEC team assesses the impact of infrastructure projects on the economy and people through such types of effects as:

  • agglomeration effects resulting from increased connectivity of large population centres;
  • effects of increased export and transit by improving transport accessibility to global markets;
  • effects of reduced travel time in interregional traffic for passengers and freight;
  • effects of increasing traffic safety and reducing the negative impact on the environment;
  • and other types (among others).