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Improving the effiency of infrastructure management

The management of non-linear infrastructures, such as stations, airports and bus stations, often requires not only transport function planning but also planning of economic efficiency.

IEC is partnering with the Station Managers Global Group (SMGG) of the International Union of Railways. IEC experts are the authors of various UIC informative leaflets. These are on topics such as station management systems, the impact of security tools on the station business and the international standard for assessing the quality of station operation.

The IEC team offers solutions for improving the efficiency of infrastructure management, including:

  • selection of optimal management models for specific management tasks based on international best practices;
  • calculation of infrastructure tariffs for carriers;
  • creation of a balanced line of various types of customer services;
  • modelling passenger flows for production needs and for formation of a marketing mix of goods and services;
  • development of a system for quality monitoring and for customer satisfaction assessment.